Q: Is there any software I need to install on my computer to ensure smooth browsing experience at WePassed website?

A: We recommend you to update your browser to the latest version. We have tested WePassed website on most recent versions of popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome. You also need to install the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player since many components of WePassed website are Flash applications.

Q: Where should I start?

A: If you're truly a brave soul you can jump right into the Exam tab.  This gives you an indication of your level of preparedness without the benefit of peeking at the questions and model answers available in the Review tab.  If you'd like to acclimate yourself more slowly, begin in the Review tab where you can navigate around the bank of exam type questions, model answers and the verbal answers provided by other users.

Q: How do I navigate the Review tab?

The Review section is your gateway to our library of oral exam type questions.  We have filter, sort, and search tools to help you find specific problems in a particular topic.  No more aimlessly wading through a laundry list of questions just to find what you want, jump right to what you need. While going through these problems, please help us make the library better for all users by rating and commenting on the problems.  Rating helps in separating good problems from those that need improvement and we will pay close attention to problems that receive low ratings.  If these problems have any chance of being resuscitated we will try to incorporate your comments in the new version.  Otherwise, off to the trash bin they will go.

Each question and answer set in our library consists of two files.  Each file can, and usually will, have multiple slides that you can go through.  In the actual ABR exam you are usually only shown a single question slide.  We allow multiple slides in our practice exams to incorporate the possible follow-up questions that may be asked by the examiner.  After you go through these question and answer slides, you can also listen to verbal answers to this question submitted by other users.  We are big believers in crowd wisdom, so we would encourage you to also rate these verbal answers (don't worry, we do NOT require users to share their verbal answers and those who generously do can do so anonymously if they prefer). Sharing your verbal answer therefore will not only allow you to practice your answer, it will also allow you to get important feedback on your performance.  Verbal answers that receive high rating can also help others looking for solid model answers to the question.

Q: Are the written model answers the "correct" answers?

A: Model answers are prepared by the question author and reviewed by ABR certified physicists for accuracy. However the nature of oral exams and the varied expertise of examiners means there is no single correct answer. Of critical importance is the logic and thought process of your response. The written model answers provide a brief outline meant to confirm your own experience or focus your subsequent study.

Q: How do I navigate the Exam tab?

A: You'll want a solid half hour of peace and quiet to conduct a practice exam.  At the start of the exam you'll notice two timers, one tracking the time spent on each question and a second timer displaying the total time you have used so far in the exam.  It is expected that you should be able to complete the exam (5 primary questions, each with one or more follow up questions, just like you'll find in Louisville) in 25 to 30 minutes.  If you have a microphone set up, your voice answer will be recorded into audio files that you can review after you finish the exam.  Note that you must select the record button to begin recording your answer to each question.  It is recommended that you select the record button, read the question aloud and then provide your response.  After completing the exam you will be prompted to review each question, provided with the written model answer and asked to listen to your verbal response and rate your own performance.  By honestly rating your presentation you will be able to determine your weak areas and focus your study.  At the end of the exam, you will be given an option to save your response and, if you choose, to share your answers with other users.

Q: Why should I share my audio files with other users?

A: Sharing your verbal answer will allow you to get important feedback on your performance from your peers.  Though it may be difficult for some to admit, it is likely that for most questions in our test bank, there is at least one person with more experience than you in that topic.  Share your audio file and allow them to help you.  Besides, you can post your audio file anonymously so you have nothing to lose.

Q: How do I post my audio file anonymously?

A: Simply select "Home" as the active field (right side of page).  Mouse over the My Account tab and select My Profile.  Edit your Online Attributes and check the box for anonymous posting. 

Q: Do I need a microphone to use the WePassed website?

A: A microphone is highly recommended since one of the primary attributes of this site is the ability of the subscriber to verbally respond to the exam questions and review their performance by rating their recorded voice answers. Most laptops these days have a built-in microphone.  External microphones are also quite inexpensive and readily available for purchase. That said, a subscriber without a microphone would still have access to the extensive question and model answer bank as well as the ability to listen to audio files shared by other subscribers.

Q: Can I get paid for submitting questions/answers to WePassed?

A: If you are a subscriber and submit a question/answer that is subsequently accepted and added to the WePassed database you will receive credits applicable to subsequent cycles of your subscription. Persons who are NOT subscribers will not receive these credits. So the lesson is to sign up for any level of subscription BEFORE you submit questions/answers so you can receive your credits!